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Hi, I’m MaK. I cook real food in my own Minnesota kitchen. And when the process is simple and the results are delicious, I share the recipes here.

ABOUT MAK*:  I come from a family that creates. My parents, aunts, uncles, cousins — they’re all artists, musicians, gardeners, writers, chefs, restaurateurs. I want to be all of those things, but for me, cooking at home is the most satisfying…and practical. (Because we gotta eat.)


By day, I work in marketing, and have blogged a lot for business. On nights and weekends, I cook. Kind of a lot. So I started to think about combining the two. Friends would repeatedly ask “where I got the recipe” for meals that I just made up or put my own spin on. After awhile, I decided I needed a place to write stuff down so I could cut down on the dozens of emails I was sending to people that wanted recipes. This is that place.

ABOUT THE CHEESE:  Here’s a quick rundown on what you’ll find on this blog…


  • Real Food – Recipes here are what I make at home. I don’t promise 100% organic or Non-GMO, but I try to eat clean, so you won’t see a lot of processed products or artificial sweeteners. When I use sugar or fat, it’s the real stuff. I believe real “bad” food in moderation is better than fake “healthy” food.
  • A Little Bit of Everything – I’m no vegetarian, but some days I eat like one. I’ll post a quick, healthy avocado cucumber salad, and the next day it’s juicy brined turkey or bread pudding and homemade caramel. There’s no theme here. Just real, good food.
  • Simple Cooking – Okay, maybe there’s a theme. If that’s the case I’d say it’s simplicity. Life is busy, and again, we all gotta eat. Maybe you “can’t” or “don’t like to” cook, but you ended up here because you couldn’t pawn it off on someone else. I’ll try and help you make it easier. No Pinterest fails here.
  • Minnesota Restaurant Reviews – Minnesota food culture is amazing. We’re in the land of venison jerky and Tator Tot Hotdish (and that shit’s delicious), yet you can drive just a few miles to find great foie gras or pho. I’ll also post St.Paul-Minneapolis restaurant reviews. I’ll write about my experience, what I ate, and if I’ll go back. (Just in case you’re like me and can’t decide where to take your out of town visitors.)