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Sole Mio Restaurant Review

Last weekend, we stumbled on a suburban gem. And I’m still excited about it.

After spending a couple of hours on Lake Calhoun with some good friends, we decided we’d continue our quest of car shopping for Mr. MaK. (His vehicle went belly-up about three weeks ago, and we’ve still been borrowing spare cars from family members and ride sharing. Oy.) We wound up in the car dealership district of White Bear Lake and decided to head for home as we had no real luck, and it was past the Bug’s bedtime. Then it hit is. We were starving.

Any normal, logical young couple dressed in scrubby beach clothes would have realized their fate and simply crossed their fingers that they would breeze through a Golden Arches drive-thru before their tired 9-month-old turned into a pumpkin. Not us. We had a real hunger…that could only be satisfied with real food. (And let’s get real, we were car shopping with an infant. We needed a drink.)

I began fervently searching on my phone and mentioned the Italian place that popped up as we were about to go through Woodbury. It didn’t look too fancy, but this was no Sbarro either, so we immediately became self conscious of our swim suits covered in t-shirts and cutoff shorts. Oh, and our footie-pajama’d baby. Did I mention she was already in her pajamas?

Caprese Salad-Sole Mio Woodbury-MaK and CheeseWe were greeted as if we were dressed in business-casual and promptly granted our request to be seated on the patio. Our server, Cynthia, recommended a $6 glass of Italian white wine, which was actually pretty amazing, and we decided to split a Caprese salad along with the prosciutto and arugula pizza.

I couldn’t have wished for a better Caprese salad unless I made it myself at home.Their olive oil was nice and light, their balsamic was sweet and acidic, and it was salt and peppered just perfectly to bring it all together.

The tomatoes were the size of my fist (not exaggerating, look at this picture!) and the mozzarella was fresh and tender.


The Sole Mio pizza was the end-all for me. Great crust with a nice bite to it, light on the sauce so the fresh mozzarella stood out, and the prosciutto and arugula were the salt and pepper to this pie.

Prosciutto Arugula Pizza-Sole Mio Woodbury-MaK and Cheese


Talk about a perfect ending to a long day of hard work and play. Even the Bug had a good time… pajamas and all.


MaKandBug-Sole Mio Woodbury-MaK and Cheese

Have you cast off the strip mall sterotype and hit up Sole Mio Woodbury yet?

Were you as impressed as I was?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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