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GroupShot-Spoon and Stable Review - MaK and Cheese BlogAfter a lovely 6 week wait for our reservation to finally arrive, we made it. (Not bad for my first Minneapolis restaurant review, right?) Here it is, the MaK and Cheese Spoon and Stable review.

Let me start out by saying that I had a couple of the best dinner dates a gal could ask for when it comes to both beauty and great company, so a big shout out to Tina and Marsh for joining me on this adventure.

We were fortunate enough to be seated right next to their notable glass wine case/tower/castle.

I mean really, it’s like someone took the library from Beauty and the Beast, shrunk it down a bit and replaced the books with wine. (And that’s my kind of library.)

Alright, so let’s get right to the Spoon and Stable experience. Being one of the “hottest new Minneapolis restaurants,” blah blah blah — it was still crazy busy for a Thursday night at 9PM. (Which yes, happens to be WAY past my bedtime.)


Snapper Crudo - Spoon and Stable Review - MaK and Cheese BlogPre-Dinner: We started with the Madai Snapper Crudo with tomato confit, pickled cucumber, olives, and greek yogurt.

And can I first say how beautiful this damn raw fish is?

It looks like tropical Christmas on a plate.

The snapper was super fresh, and the sweet-to-acidic ratio in the pickles combined with the creamy yogurt was a perfect balance. I wanted to order about three more plates.

Oh, and their bread. As healthy as I try eat, I will nearly always give in and pick white bread over wheat. (In fact, I’d typically choose no bread over wheat.)

But the Spoon and Stable bread. Sourdough and wheat had a baby, and it was beautiful.

However, since it’s a pretty crusty bread, please, S&S, you GOTTA start doling out about twice your current serving size of that amazing sea salt butter. Please and thank you.

Wine: Well, I’m going to be honest and tell you straight up that I forget exactly what we had. I like wine, I drink it, but unless it’s both entirely delicious and wallet-friendly, what I drink won’t be taking up much space in these posts. Our server picked us out a nice, crisp white from the menu’s Northern Italy section that was under $40. We liked it. We drank it. The end.

Entrees: Since I’m making this whole food blog thing known to everyone, it now also gives me a pretty good excuse to try everyone’s food. That’s a perk I just didn’t think of, and I’ll probably leverage it more frequently in the future. So here’s what we had for dinner between the three of us, and my thoughts based on my bites.

Potato Gnocchi-Spoon and Stable Review-MaK and Cheese BlogPotato Gnocchi
(with dandelion greens, morel mushrooms, chicken egg, boudin blanc sausage)

T chose this the second she saw morel mushrooms. (And if I wasn’t such a seafood freak, I would have done the same.) I snagged a bite or two, and the consensus of the table was “thumbs up.” Gnocchi was al dente, sauce was creamy, and the morel mushrooms’ earthy flavor made the whole dish lighter than you’d ever expect gnocchi to be.


Spaghetti Nero-Spoon and Stable Review-MaK and Cheese BlogSpaghetti Nero
(with prawns, mussels, octopus, fra diavolo, fines herbes)

I wish I had ordered this. Oh, the regret that pains my soul. Luckily, Marsh and I have a mutual agreement when it comes to stealing from one another’s plates.

Normally I’m a stickler for accuracy, but the fra diavolo sauce was not characteristically spicy, which I loved. The octopus was tender, and the spaghetti’s color (ink black) and texture was beautiful.

Con: You have to peel your succulent little shrimp that happens to be staring up at you from the plate. But adding that guy to the to the sweet and briny bites of pasta is totally worth it.


Poached Halibut-Spoon and Stable Review-MaK and Cheese Blog

Poached Halibut
(with fava beans, spring onions, preserved lemon, and lobster emulsion)

Hi. My name’s MaK, and I’m a sucker for halibut. And I really did like my Spoon and Stable halibut. It was poached perfectly, was tender and flakey, the fava bean puree was fresh and had a fun texture, and the light lemon and lobster sauce added some nice dimension.

But compared to the Spaghetti Nero, it was just… good. (Hey, not everything you eat will blow your mind. And that’s ok.)

And finally…. dessert. I’d go back just for the dessert.




Honey and Cream Cake - Spoon and Stable Review - MaK and Cheese BlogDessert: One of Matt’s favorite things in the world is strawberries, so I will take him back to Spoon and Stable for their honey and cream cake alone. That will make me the winner of all date night points. If we kept score.

Honey and Cream Cake
(with strawberries, sweetened condensed milk ice cream)

I’m more of an ice cream dessert person. IMO, cake can be a gamble order. It could be dry, or overly frosted and too ooey-gooey sweet. But this — this was no gamble cake.

This light, honey-infused confection was easy on the frosting, drenched in cream for moisture (so who cares if it was ever been dry in the first place) and topped with compressed strawberries, not-too-sweet ice cream, and some sort of dessert crouton-y things that resembled homemade Nilla wafers.

Long story short on the Spoon and Stable scoop: Its gorgeous high-ceiling setting lives up to the hype, and it’s got beautifully plated, creative takes on some classic staples. Crudo has never made sushi seem less appealing, and if you’re into seafood and pasta, you need Spaghetti Nero in your life, yesterday.

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